MISSION : Safe and Secure neighbourhoods

What are  “Neighbourhood Watch” & “Neighbourhood Watch Camera” Apps?

Neighbourhood apps are devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighbourhood and to increase security and safety measures. When a criminal activity or misuse is suspected, members are encouraged to record using Neighbourhood Watch Camera  to automatically inform the neighbourhood, and not to intervene. If criminal activities are suspected, members should call police.

icons8-google-images-416  Neighbourhood Camera App widget makes it easy to record & upload videos of suspicious activities anonymously with ONE CLICK for rest of neighbourhood to be alerted.

Record activities like :

– Local incidents.

– Suspicious activity.

– Suspicious /unknown persons.

– Unknown car, bus, van, truck parked in neighbourhood.

– Possible suspects of theft, vandalism, graffiti, littering.


Neighbourhood Watch AppNeighbourhood  Watch App helps keeping an eye around your neighbourhood, just search your locality address or pinch to zoom into your area and see all the recorded videos by others in your neighbhourhood. Easy share button helps share the video to others on social media & social messenger to alert them of any danger.

How can I share the video I have uploaded?

Just click on the share button :  Share and select the social media or social messaging app to send the link to your friends, groups or followers.

How can I contribute videos to  Neighbourhood Watch App?

With One Click record videos using icons8-google-images-416 Camera App widget  and automatically upload videos.

Using Neighbourhood Watch App, start recording videos using the camera button on right side :  VideoCamera  of local incidents, Suspicious activity, etc.

Why can’t I upload videos and only use camera to record live?

We want to ensure that video you capture is on specific location and time, this helps us auto upload these information. It also helps us to prevent fake videos being created or shared.

Why do you need to know my location ?

We want to ensure that video you capture is on specific location, this helps us prevent fake videos created or shared. Please allow camera to access your location on settings or pop-up message.

Would other people see my name, email address or my details when  I record/upload videos using App?

No, recorded videos are displayed anonymously to everyone. Hence, other people cannot see your email address or your personal details.  We promote ” Reporting Without Fear or Favor” attitude for our app users.

Will the videos take up too much space on my phone ? What happens after video is uploaded ?

Once the videos are uploaded, the videos are deleted from your device to save space. Videos are published for everyone to see and share (after few minutes), you can share your uploaded video using the share button (see previous FAQ).

What happens if there is no internet / network connection to upload ?

Once internet connection is available, the videos are uploaded automatically and deleted from your mobile local storage/SD card.

Where are the videos?  I can only see one video per location ?

Note : We have just started, hence all locations may not have videos yet. Why don’t you be the first in your location to join neighbourhood watch 

Click on the map icon MapIcon to see the videos on bottom of the screen. Videos are tagged to location, you can swipe left and right Swipe of the video to see more videos. (see below picture )


Also you can check list view  List Icon  to see the videos on location. (see below picture)


I don’t think the video is genuine or does not meet community guidelines, how can I report it?

Please use the report icon  Report  to flag any in appropriate video that does not meet community guidelines. Although the video will not be removed immediately, our team will review these and remove them in 3 to 5 business days.

Why do I need to logon (allowed for use by over 13 years)?

We don’t want fake or spam videos to be uploaded, hence everyone needs to logon to upload videos. However, your name, email, and personal details is never displayed in our app. We promote ” Reporting Without Fear or Favor” attitude for our app users.

How will you use my uploaded videos?

Please refer to our T&C and Privacy for more details.